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PT. Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia was founded in 2004. In more than a decade, we have actively published, market and distributed educational books from K–12 in Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mandarin and Arabic throughout the Republic of Indonesia making quality learning resources more accessible to students, teachers and parents. In the process we constantly linked up with schools, kindergartens and educational foundations or Yayasan that share the same belief and commitment to deliver quality education to the next generation of young Indonesians so that they can compete successfully in the global and regional arenas in the 21 st Century.Our wide variety of programmes and products cover key subject knowledge areas including Mathematics, Science, Bahasa Indonesia, English Learning and Teaching (ELT) especially Reading, Mandarin, character Education and the Arts. These resources and materials will help schools, institutions, yayasan and parents to provide high quality and holistic learning to our children. Our own teams of authors created and developed these materials but we also collaborated with other publishers and partners in London, Singapore, Malaysia, Tiongkok, Middle-East and India.

Building Better Lives Through Education.

·         Provide quality education to the Republic of Indonesia and the World.

·         Create comprehensive, holistic and innovative educational content to ensure success in teaching, learning and assessment.

·         Connect and collaborate with schools and international strategic partners to build a strong community of educators and to establish global education standards.

·         Become a leader that champions global exposure of Indonesia’s rich IPR and vast knowledge.

We continue to improve our business model by enhancing our teacher professional development and training initiatives through Pelangi Teachers’ Academy. We have learned that training teachers is one of the most important contributing factors to students’ success in learning. The latest topics and trends are selected for training but also more focussed and subject pedagogical training are also carried out depending on the needs of the schools and community. Internationally acclaimed trainers supported by a diverse team of experienced local trainers are deployed to facilitate these training sessions organized throughout Indonesia from Medan, Jakarta to Surabaya. Plans are already made to enable training to be expanded to Palembang, Makassar, Bali and Pekan Baru. In addition, the initiative is also taken to encourage schools to publish their teachers’ work and modules. This is part of the holistic development of teacher resources and materials as well as to share the best practices and success across the whole community of teaching professionals in Indonesia and beyond. With this in view, sharing of ideas can also be done via study tours to schools in neighbouring countries. These Lawatan Sambil Belajar tours will be useful for learning best practices for individual schools for example, the implementation of tablets for classroom teaching and learning. Through teachers’ networking, more collaborations and accreditations can be linked up to ensure teachers’ continuous learning support, recognition and advancement. Research found that the higher the quality the teachers’ professional education and learning, the more successful their learners will be.

Our serious efforts to develop solid local originals and Indonesia’s Intellectual Property have enabled Pelangi Indonesia to bring Indonesia’s IPR to share with the rest of the world for example, the Frankfurt Bookfair, Kuala Lumpur International Bookfair and Shanghai Children Bookfair. We will continue to grow and showcase Indonesia’s rich local IPR especially in ASEAN and the Asia Pacific region. Our broad content base include academic books, local cultural heritages stories, interesting and beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, children’s novels and fiction as well as contemporary novels written by a pool of successful writers.

In addition, we are piloting the exports of our Indonesian books to several countries outside Indonesia. We can do this as we have the capacity to translate our books to English and other languages through our collaborations with Indonesian universities’ language faculties. We also translated books from Bahasa Melayu, English and Arabic to Bahasa Indonesia. This enhances our networking with our neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore as well as the Middle-East and even USA.

We also expand by publishing for the dynamic and growing retail chains market segments as the middle-class grows and this increase purchasing power of young parents and students. These retail chains or toko modern are like Gramedia which we started with 10 stores and by now we have collaborated and expanded to 120 stores nationwide from Medan to Papua reaching out to many communities in the cities and towns. The marketing and promotion at retail outlets have to be focussed on in-store displays, wisata belanja and seasonal promotions like Back-to-School or Tahun Ajaran Baru, Natal, Idul Fitri, Valentine’s Day, Hari Kartini and Children’s Day. To encourage reading and literacy we do tie-ins with purchases via Kartu Jakarta Pintar (KJP), Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP), and Kartu Identitas Anak (KIA).Through our displays in retail, many of our books are selected by US Aid and UNESCO to be given to many needy areas in Indonesia. Today, our retail outlets have expanded to include Togamas, TMBooks, Toko Gunung Agung, TISERA, Kinokunya, Books and Beyond, Paper Clip and Intermedia

In the recent years, Pelangi Indonesia is working towards networking with universities and other corporate partners to collaborate in order to reach out to more learners, teachers and communities to help improve teaching, learning, reading and materials development sharing expertise, resources and dedications to create better lives. By improving and intensifying the reading habit among our younger generation will help to raise literacy levels and improve our benchmark with the rest of the world e.g. in PISA participating countries. Accessibility is the key to raise literacy. With this in view, Pelangi Indonesia have developed Reading Corners Models that have local input and local expertise in terms of creating the activities to attract young learners in various communities in order to making reading a fun and shared experience that will last a lifetime.

In line with our aim to help raise literacy, Pelangi Indonesia had supported and participated in TNI’s Perpustakaan Digital Warga that will see the innovative use of satellite to bring online access to millions of rakyat engaging them to access thousands of digital books and educational video tutorial. Content rich dispensers will make reading keren and interesting using tablets. Pelangi Indonesia help to increase the content repository of this programme called Pondok Cerdas Warga or PCW which is a territorial programme of TNI which was launched in 2015. This programme is also supported by TV BMW which is a TV Kolaborasi TNI and rakyat Indonesia.

We love hearing from our customers, all questions, comments and feedback are always welcome. They help us to ensure that our book quality is acheive as what our customer expected. We're on Facebook & Instagram too, so please feel free to leave talk to us.

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