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Fun Hots Maths Book 3 (Age 9-11)

Fun Hots Maths Book 3 (Age 9-11)
Fun Hots Maths Book 3 (Age 9-11)
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HOTS are the tools students use to transfer their knowledge into actual use. These include problem-solving, analysing, evaluating, imagining and making connections, among many other strategies.


Fun HOTS Maths, as its name suggests, is a series that aims to help students develop their Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in a fun way.


Each of the five graded workbooks in the series consists of over 60 challenging questions that provide practice for the essential skills in maths.


The features in each workbook include:

ample variation of questions to practise new problem-solving strategies

hints given for some of the more complex questions

step-by-step workings leading to the solutions are provided

multiple solutions are given



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Publisher: PT. Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia