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About Us


PT. Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia was founded in 2004. In more than a decade, we have actively published, market and distributed educational books from K–12 in Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mandarin and Arabic throughout the Republic of Indonesia making quality learning resources more accessible to students, teachers and parents. In the process we constantly linked up with schools, kindergartens and educational foundations or Yayasan that share the same belief and commitment to deliver quality education to the next generation of young Indonesians so that they can compete successfully in the global and regional arenas in the 21 st Century.

The founders, Mr. Sum Kown Cheek and Mr. Yap Chong Koy, were both former teachers who saw the potential demand for locally written revision books in the national language as, at that time, there were only a handful of such books available in the market when the Cambridge Examination System was replaced by the local examination system and the medium of instruction changed from English to Bahasa Malaysia. The partners’ initial goal was to assist students in their efforts to prepare themselves for the new examination system. Their first publications were translations of past-year examination papers with suggested model answers for core subjects such as mathematics and science.