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IQ Booster Book 1 - New Cover

IQ Booster Book 1 - New Cover
IQ Booster Book 1 - New Cover
  • Model: Soft Cover
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  • SKU: WIPC10052A
  • ISBN: 9789811707520

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IQ Booster – Book 1

Train your brain with IQ BOOSTER!


A perfect blend of fun activities, puzzles and educational games that stimulate children's focus, reasoning and problem-solving tendencies!


This series focuses on the development of these skills:


1. Visual/perceptual skills

2. Pattern recognition

3. Spatial reasoning

4. Classification

5. Logical reasoning

6. Science

7. Geometry

8. Mathematics


The Advantages


1. There are focus skills stated in each exercise to keep track of the learning process.

2. Colourful illustrations made with define details.

3. Straightforward instruction and easy to understand.

4. Brain boosting activities to encourage out of the box thinking.

5. Free reward stickers to encourage children to work through the book.


Genre: Kindergarten

Selling Price: Rp65.000

Suitable Age: 5 - 10 years old

Page: 36 pages

Size: 22 cm x 30 cm

Publisher: PT. Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia