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Wo Men De Xin Peng You - Xiao Ci Wei Lai La

Wo Men De Xin Peng You - Xiao Ci Wei Lai La
Wo Men De Xin Peng You - Xiao Ci Wei Lai La
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  • ISBN: 9789830096322

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This series consists of great storybooks ideal for reading and sharing sessions. The series also injects moral values for children to learn. The books are full of stunning illustrations and wonderful storylines that will surely capture children's attention.


Title in this series:


TITLE: 好朋友系列 - 们的新朋友 (Our New Friend)


Chinese Description



English Description

Three little bears are unhappy with their new friend, Little Frog because he does things differently. However, the three bears' thinking changes when they encounter a problem. Can they solve the problem when Little Frog's way of doing things is so different from their way? Read on to find what has changed the three little bears' narrow-minded thinking to open-minded thinking that also fosters a harmonious relationship between them and Little Frog.


TITLE: 好朋友系列 - 三个朋友和一棵果 (Three Friends And A Fruit Tree)


Chinese Description



English Description

A rabbit and a squirrel are fighting. A mole tries to heal their strained relationship by reminding both of them of the day that they had helped each other to plant a fruit tree. Will their past fond moments subdue their anger? And will their friendship be long-lasting, like the fruit tree that has grown from a seed to a mature tree bearing good fruits?


TITLE: 好朋友系列 - 小刺猬来啦! (Here Comes Little HEDGEHOG!)


Chinese Description



English Description

Little Hedgehog loves to play with his friends. But when his friends see him, they run away. They shout loudly to warn each other, "Little Hedgehog is coming. Run!" Little Hedgehog feels sad and is puzzled. Why do his friends not like him to go and touch them? Little Hedgehog likes to stay close to his parents and hug them. It makes him feel nice. He cannot understand why he cannot do the same thing to his friends? Do you think Little Hedgehog's friends are unfriendly?


TITLE: 好朋友系列 - 神秘礼物 (The Mysterious Gift)


Chinese Description



English Description

One day, someone sends a gift to the circus. A card on the gift box says, "The Big Opportunity!". In the box, there are many balloons of different colours. The circus animals want to find out what that big opportunity is. They each take a balloon and blow, but all their balloons burst. Manny Monkey then teaches Baby Elephant, Tic Tiger, Harry Hedgehog and Bouncy Bunny how to blow correctly. The balloons do not burst and all the animals hang onto their balloons and fly up and away. Where will the animals fly to?



Selling Price: Rp50.000

Suitable Age: 5 years and above

Page: 24 pages

Size: 228.6mm x 228.6mm

Publisher: PT. Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia