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PT. Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia was founded in 2004. In more than a decade, we have actively published, market and distributed educational books from K–12 in Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mandarin and Arabic throughout the Republic of Indonesia making quality learning resources more accessible to students, teachers and parents. In the process we constantly linked up with schools, kindergartens and educational foundations or yayasan that share the same belief and commitment to deliver quality education to the next generation of young Indonesians so that they can compete successfully in the global and regional arenas in the 21st Century. Our wide variety of programmes and products cover key subject knowledge areas including Mathematics, Science, Bahasa Indonesia, English Learning and Teaching (ELT) especially Reading, Mandarin, character Education and the Arts. These resources and materials will help schools, institutions, yayasan and parents to provide high quality and holistic learning to our children. Our own teams of authors created and developed these materials but we also collaborated with other publishers and partners in London, Singapore, Malaysia, Tiongkok, Middle-East and India.

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Mission Statement

    • Provide quality education to the Republic of Indonesia and the World.
    • Create comprehensive, holistic and innovative educational content to ensure success in teaching, learning and assessment.
    • Connect and collaborate with schools and international strategic partners to build a strong community of educators and to establish global education standards.
    • Become a leader that champions global exposure of Indonesia’s rich IPR and vast knowledge.