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Pelangi on Globe

Pelangi on Globe

Our serious efforts to develop solid local originals and Indonesia’s Intellectual Property have enabled Pelangi Indonesia to bring Indonesia’s IPR to share with the rest of the world for example, the Frankfurt Bookfair, Kuala Lumpur International Bookfair and Shanghai Children Bookfair. We will continue to grow and showcase Indonesia’s rich local IPR especially in ASEAN and the Asia Pacific region. Our broad content base include academic books, local cultural heritages stories, interesting and beautifully illustrated children’s picture books, children’s novels and fiction as well as contemporary novels written by a pool of successful writers.

Language Expert

In addition, we are piloting the exports of our Indonesian books to several countries outside Indonesia. We can do this as we have the capacity to translate our books to English and other languages through our collaborations with Indonesian universities’ language faculties. We also translated books from Bahasa Melayu, English and Arabic to Bahasa Indonesia. This enhances our networking with our neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Singapore as well as the Middle-East and even USA.

Find Us Everywhere

We also expand by publishing for the dynamic and growing retail chains market segments as the middle-class grows and this increase purchasing power of young parents and students. These retail chains or toko modern are like Gramedia which we started with 10 stores and by now we have collaborated and expanded to 120 stores nationwide from Medan to Papua reaching out to many communities in the cities and towns. The marketing and promotion at retail outlets have to be focussed on in-store displays, wisata belanja and seasonal promotions like Back-to-School or Tahun Ajaran Baru, Natal, Idul Fitri, Valentine’s Day, Hari Kartini and Children’s Day. To encourage reading and literacy we do tie-ins with purchases via Kartu Jakarta Pintar (KJP), Kartu Indonesia Pintar (KIP), and Kartu Identitas Anak (KIA).Through our displays in retail, many of our books are selected by US Aid and UNESCO to be given to many needy areas in Indonesia. Today, our retail outlets have expanded to include Togamas, TMBooks, Toko Gunung Agung, TISERA, Kinokunya, Books and Beyond, Paper Clip and Intermedia.