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YLAI Buku Berjenjang Big Book E2 - Mendengarkan Cerita

YLAI Buku Berjenjang Big Book E2 - Mendengarkan Cerita
YLAI Buku Berjenjang Big Book E2 - Mendengarkan Cerita
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  • ISBN: 9786024580582

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This Bahasa Indonesia Levelled Reading Programme has been developed under Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia ( It consists of comprehensive, pedagogically levelled readers to help boost literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary-aged children. This carefully researched, innovative programme, written by Indonesian teachers, was created out of a need for high-quality reading books that are culturally rich, age-appropriate, and relevant for children’s everyday lives across Indonesia. It is being used in 13,000 schools across 13 provinces of Indonesia.



• The content of these books is engaging, authentic, and connected to children's lives, which

makes them suitable to be used even in the earliest phases of the reading programme.

• These books also help with knowledge, concepts and language expansion among children.

• The books are graded to ensure the individual needs of children can be more adequately met.

• As children progressively build their reading skills, they are engaged and appropriately

challenged by the interesting, natural language of the books


Suitable class : Class 1 - 3


6 Packet of levelled book.


Jenjang A - 21 titles

Jenjang B - 9 titles

Jenjang C - 9 titles

Jenjang D - 14 titles

Jenjang E - 13 titles

Jenjang F - 9 titles



Selling Price: Rp100.000

Suitable Age:



Publisher: Penerbitan Pelangi Indonesia